Ligne 4 at 160km/h

D141414 SNCF 72145 Montureux-lès-Baulay 14-10-2014Since a while, rumours about the end of the CC72000-hauled intercités trains between Paris and Belfort are being whispered among railfans. Considering the distance from my home, it’s actually a small shame that I didn’t have any photos of these services yet… hence the decision in autumn 2014 to head in the direction of Vésoul to collect some pictures. Lees verder

France – Line 15 – freight corridor Metz – Dijon

In October 2012 we stayed a week in Neufchâteu, a small city in the southwest of the Lorraine department in France. We only had one goal, besides making fun of course: we wanted to photograph part of line 15, connecting Nancy to Dijon. The landscape is truly amazing, hilly, large fields and forests, beautiful scenic villages where time stood still. It’s also in this region that the Meuse River originates. The railway crosses this river several times in the valley.

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Semmeringbahn – Vorspeise

The Semmering Railway hardly needs an introduction. It is supposed to be the first standard gauge mountain railroad of the world! It connects Mürzzuchlag with Gloggnitz and is part of the busy South Railway in Austria. The railroad was built in 1854, it’s 41km long. It exists of 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts and over 100 bridges. As a starter, hereby some pictures of a commuter train that was active on this line between Semmering (the highest station on the Semmering Railway) and Payerbach.

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