1 day on the Gotthard…

It’s not done to get to know a mountain railway pass on one day. But Switzerland is not to close to Belgium and I only have so many vacation days. I was in Z├╝rich for the weekend and since the Gotthard is only a one hour drive, it wasn’t hard to find what to do on a Saturday. The most famous part of the line can be found near Wassen, on the northern ramp of the Gotthard railway. It’s like a modelrailroad but then on scale 1:1.

Saturday October 31, 2011. It was almost noon when we reached the village Wassen. It’s entirely surrounded by the railway tracks since 1882! I posted my camera on the other side of the valley, having a very good look on how the railway line conquers the Gotthard. You can actually see the train on three different levels on the mountain, spirals inside the mountain were used to gain height where no space was available. The line passes over the river Reuss three times in this section.


We ended the day at Silenen and Amsteg: