Entire Trans-Siberian Railway on Google Maps

Google launches a remarkable initiative: it has drawn the entire Trans-Siberian route on his map service Google Maps.You can follow the entire journey as a YouTube video. You should have time to spare: the trip Moscow-Vladivostok is 9,288 km long. That’s about roughly 115 hours of video.

On the way you can also turn on the radio (in the right sidebar). This allows you  to hear the audio version of Leo Tolstoy “War and Peace” and Nikolai Gogol’s “Dead Souls”. You can only hear the sound of the train instead.

Fully interactive

In the right sidebar you will find the most picturesque places of the route, but the finishing touch is the Google map below the video. The map position is in sync with the video. That’s very handy because if you zoom out during the train ride you can see exactly where you are at the moment and how far the final destination is.

The other way around also works. Click on the map at a certain point of the Trans-Siberian route and the video jumps to that point in the ride.