Line 139 Leuven – Ottignies

The railway which connects Ottignies and Leuven is part of the cargo axis Antwerp – Luxembourg – Metz – Mulhouse (Basel). The importance of the railroad is therefore mainly in the transport of all kinds of goods (coal, steel, container ,…).Since the electrification of the Athus-Meuse, the majority of freight trains is hauled by a locomotive of the class 13. But also the classic locomotives are well represented. Until mid-2008 you had the ore trains to Blanchisserie hauled by conventional locomotives, the domestic trains to Ronet, Jemelle or Stockem were usually hauled by a locomotive of the series 23 or 26. Rarely you can spot a locomotive of type 20.

Passenger traffic is much more monotonous on the line, which still has a large number of stops. The omnibus service is currently provided by conventional locomotives. Since the December 2009 timetable the frequency doubled. For emergencies on line 161 sometimes the trains between Brussels and Ottignies are diverted.

The railway crosses many small villages and hamlets, many stations were relegated to a stop. Most of the station buildings are still there and were sold to individuals. For instance the old station building of Oud-Heverlee is converted into a house, and the station building in Heverlee is now a shop.