Fotoreport: Tauberfeld, Bavaria – railroading in the heart of Germany


Without knowing at first I had another roommate in the youth hostel in Dachau who had something with trains. A railway photographer from Cologne.

The next morning we got to talk and I asked him where there was a good place to shoot some pictures, somewhere quiet, a nice landscape, some freight trains,… I didn’t feel like doing the busy stuff, that kind of railway lines where everyone goes to. I wanted something different!

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1 day on the Gotthard…

It’s not done to get to know a mountain railway pass on one day. But Switzerland is not to close to Belgium and I only have so many vacation days. I was in Zürich for the weekend and since the Gotthard is only a one hour drive, it wasn’t hard to find what to do on a Saturday. The most famous part of the line can be found near Wassen, on the northern ramp of the Gotthard railway. It’s like a modelrailroad but then on scale 1:1.

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