Semmeringbahn – full report

Below you find the picture report of 5 days I spent along the Semmering Railway in September 2012. You know you can expect something spectacular, of course you see pictures on the internet. But it was nothing compared with what I saw on the field, or better, on the rocks. It was awesome!

To begin with, there is a beautiful landscape. Lots of rocky mountains, forests, no highways going through the valley…And then you have the railway itself, passing by those steep mountains via beautiful bridges, from one tunnel to another. And what makes it better is the amount of traffic! Several freight trains in an hour, InterCity trains (railjets), EuroCities, …

One small anecdote though: there is a small platform next to a former signalman house at the Kalte Rinne Viaduct (you can see it on the last picture of the gallery). It’s especially created for railway enthousiasts, also a yellow flag was waving in the winds with advertising for, an online railway magazine. So my guess was that a railfan would have been welcomed there..But that wasn’t the case! A woman living next door just said, quite unfriendly, that it was private property!

But besides that encounter, the whole trip was extremely fun, with very friendly colleagues who gave us great tips (thank you mister Kainz!). A must visit, knowing that the Semmering Tunnel will be built in the future!