USA 2010 – Part 2 : Washington and Idaho (Sandpoint)

After leaving the Columbia River Gorge, the next aim was to get some pictures on the BNSF Pasco East main. We thought to have some look around Providence Hill, a better name would be Silence Hill however. But we liked the landscape, weather was allright but could be better. In any case we wouldn’t give up!

We started out at Providence Hill, but the first 2 hours we only got one northbound. Not exactly the direction we wanted. But then we finally heard a sound we liked, the horn of an approaching freight train, the only sound we noticed for the next half an hour. The silence was incredible!

After this shot we tried some other points along the line. The sun was always playing cat and mouse with the clouds but we’re quite happy about the shots. We were able to get some freight trains next to the typical grain elevators.

The last pictures of the day we took at Providence Hill again. It seemed to get busier as the sun went down.

Once the sun was behind the horizon, we got back in the car and drove towards Sandpoint, Idaho. We were curious whether the ‘Funnel’ would bring us more action or not…

The day started with a continental breakfast which always sucks. We drove to the famous Pend Oreille lake in really wet weather. It wasn’t so busy either, still a bit of an economic crisis going on…But we saw some coal trains, which is always a pleasure for the eyes!


Since it didn’t get a lot better, we decided to explore the Union Pacific line to Canada. Who knows we got a Canadian Pacific engine in front of a long intermodal train or so…The railway line seemed to be very rough and had some steep grades, it must be very cool to watch a train conquers these grades. We waited for hours but didn’t get lucky. Too bad!


We got back in the car and drove to the sate border in Bonners Ferry. Montana here we come! Watch out for part 3!